Monthly Mean Temperature Data

Raw Data relative to Expected Monthly Means

Difference from Regional Expectation

Breakpoint Adjusted Annual Average Comparison

Mean Rate of Change ( °C / Century )

Raw monthly anomalies0.08
After quality control0.12
After breakpoint alignment0.58
Regional expectation during same months0.65 ± 0.14
National average during same months 0.91 ± 0.10
Global land average during same months 1.05 ± 0.04

Regional Consistency

Comparison of monthly mean station data to regional expectation

Typical Difference
(°C, 95% range)
(R value)
Raw Monthly Anomalies ± 2.4 0.76
After Quality Control ± 2.4 0.76
After Breakpoint Adjustment ± 2.3 0.78

Quality Control Summary

Months missing 10 or more days 19
Serially repeated daily or monthly values 16
Extreme local outliers 0
Regional climatology outliers 0
Abrupt jumps 1
Marked as bad or manually changed by source 0
Exceeds global climatological range 0
Isolated observations 0
Frame shift repetitions 0
TMAX / TMIN inconsistency 0
TAVG outside TMAX / TMIN range 0
Total Observations Rejected by Quality Control 21

Station ID Codes


ID codes may be repeated if the identification of the station changed during its history or if two different records were found to contain the same data, in which case the records would be merged.